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Be still

When I am walking back at the lake, I always notice God is with me. It is so peaceful, the sounds of nature surround me. In the gentleness of all His wonder, I see these little flowers in the color of the sun, watching the bees pollinating one by one. Oh how simple things are, when you take time to notice. Don't get caught up in worldly things, get caught up in Him. The One who created us to enjoy all the beautiful things He has for us. Thank you, God, for the gift of Your peace. May it always live in my heart, no matter what conflict is going on around me. Amen

We are all here for a little while.

While mowing up at the river one day, this wild flower was looking so beautiful and perfect. Made me think of how we could be like this flower. We are only here on earth for a little while. We could be here today, but gone tomorrow. Two of my good friends lost their mothers. I have been thinking about this, realizing how blessed I am to still have my mother, at age of 84 and my father age of 88. Both still healthy for their ages. When life gets so busy or you get upset with a loved one, don't stay away or upset with them too long. Because you never know what tomorrow will bring. Thank You for my parents, God. Even though I'm grown up now, may my relationship with them continue to grow. Hea